Glass work in Belmopan. Mirror designs and more.

Glasswork Gallery

Show off your prized possessions in style with our stunning glass showcases - the perfect blend of elegance and function.

Elevate your shower experience with our exquisite glass installations - bringing beauty and functionality to your bathroom

Transform your space with our stunning mirrors - the perfect combination of form and function, adding both beauty and practicality to any room

Rearview mirror repair. 

Stay safe on the road again with our expert rearview mirror repair - restoring visibility and peace of mind to your daily commute. 

Our Products 

Glass Louver Windows

Transform your space with our high-quality glass windows, designed to bring in natural light and enhance the beauty of any room.

Sliding Windows 

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with our sliding windows, designed for ease of use and maximum ventilation without compromising on style

Glass Doors

Make a grand entrance with our stunning white aluminum doors featuring SOL LITE Reflective Glass, engineered to provide exceptional thermal control while preserving the natural light and elegant aesthetics of your space.

Aluminum Louver Windows

Because we're experienced, reliable, and focused on results, we've had the privilege of working with a host of fantastic clients.

SGG Planilux

 SGG PLANILUX is a high-quality, clear annealed glass available in various thicknesses, serving as the base glass for many processed and high-performance glasses. It is suitable for all architectural and furniture requirements, including glass roofing, windows, greenhouses, balconies, canopies, interior décor such as glass shelves, furniture, and glass doors. SGG PLANILUX can be processed into insulated, laminated, toughened, screen-printed, etched, sandblasted, edge-worked, and lacquered colored glass. 

 SGG Parsol Gray 

 SGG PARSOL is a body-tinted glass with a colored appearance and basic solar control properties, manufactured using the same process as SGG PLANILUX clear float glass. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications such as decoration, fittings, furniture, facades, and overhead glazing. Saint-Gobain Glass India guarantees consistent color quality across batches and years through strict quality controls. 

SGG Miralite Revolution Mirror Clear 

Miralite Revolution is a clear, bright, and distortion-free mirror made from mirror glass that reflects the highest degree of quality and durability. It is eco-friendly, safe for health, and free from toxic components like copper and phthalate. Its unique property of enhancing internal spaces makes it ideal for both living and working spaces, as well as exterior applications. Miralite Revolution is produced through strict quality controls and reduced iron content in the base glass, and its lead-free paint content is below specified norms..

SGG Stadip Safety Glass

 SGG STADIP and SGG STADIP PROTECT are laminated safety and security glass made up of multiple glass sheets bonded with one or more PVB film interlayers. SGG STADIP PROTECT is thicker than SGG STADIP and can provide better protection against injury and impact. The glass remains bonded to the interlayer if it breaks, making it ideal for public buildings, schools, and residential buildings. It is also suitable for use in roofs to ensure safety and minimize the risk of fragments falling into the space below. SGG STADIP PROTECT can help structures conform to regulatory requirements for overhead glazing. 

SGG Sol-Lite

SGG SOL-LITE is a glass product designed to regulate the heat and light that enters a home, leading to a reduction in energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning. It allows visible light to pass through, while reducing solar glare and protecting furniture from discoloration due to solar rays. SGG SOL-LITE also provides privacy by reducing visibility from the outside, and has a similar market value to traditional glass. 

 SGG Reflectasol Glass- Bronze, Green, Blue 

 SGG Reflectasol is a reflective solar control glass with a silicon-based coating applied to the glass surface by means of pyrolysis. It has an attractive appearance that enhances the interior and exterior of a building. The glass is suitable for most types of facade glazing and can be used in offices, commercial buildings, schools, industrial buildings, and apartment blocks. It provides high light reflectance, unique appearance, and low light transmittance which improves visual comfort against direct sunlight and provides internal privacy even in buildings with large glazed areas. 

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