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Code 3now offers a complete line of high quality lighting, siren, switching, and speaker products designed for use and fit on all domestic law enforcement vehicles and motorcycles on the market today as well as for the new vehicle models. Our products are also designed for many vehicles in over 70 countries around the world. Each family of products offers a variety of models to meet design and budget needs.

21TR LightBar 

  • MultiColor technology provides two full signals out of one lighthead - No compromising of signal strength or size by splitting an LED in half to get two colors

  • Turn MultiColor Red/White or Blue/White lightheads in the front into an all white takedown

  • Standard 21TR & 21TR-EU  deliver all the qualities the 2100 has been known for with new Torus LED technology corner and directional lightheads that provide far superior directional and off-angle performance. Economical, yet advanced, this lightbar offers standard features providing the brightest basic lightbar on the market.

  • 21TR Plus is a full featured, economical lightbar with new Torus LED technology. Central controller features and options are the same as the Defender and RX 2700CC . Features include the NarrowStik, flashing takedowns and alleys, and corner cruise lights.

RX2700CC Lightbar system

  • Two full signals out of one lighthead – No more compromising signal strength and size by splitting a LED lighthead to get two colors

  • Turn a red/white or blue/white lighthead into an all white takedown in the front. This provides increased takedown lighting at no additional cost or loss of emergency warning positions.

  • When MultiColor is used in the rear, red/amber and blue/amber modules can change directly to a full size amber ArrowStik.


PURSUIT Lightbar 

  • The Next Generation Lightbar The next generation of Optics Technology meets spectacular industrial design to create the all-new 25 Series Pursuit lightbar from Code 3.  This lightbar was designed from the ground up, completely reimagining what an emergency lightbar should be. 

PURSUIT Lightbar (Fire)

  • 2 levels of state-of-the-art Siris LED technology provides 360 degree of uninterrupted lighting. When your apparatus has a strong need to be "seen", this lightbar does the job.

  • Modern curves that match modern apparatus lines make this a solid and attractive addition to any fire apparatus!

  • Center section provides an additional row of lights  -- up to 3 levels of light possible! This section can also be used for a combination of products: traffic emitter, additional scene lighting, or up to 3 rows of emergency lighting for Upper Zone A.

  • Have white light in the bottom corner and alley positions for maximum intersection protection while still maintaining emergency warning colors above.

Code 3 Super Visor Inter Lights 

  • SuperVisor Flex is available in MultiColor (18-up) and Single color (9-up) using the latest Torus LED technology.   For ease of installation, it also comes with a quick-disconnect center connector cord. The Flex lightheads are situated so they shine straight ahead while the LEDs are designed to spread light so they do not require aiming.


  • Designed to fit all Police Pursuit Vehicles and Special Service Vehicles, plus many others!

  • Quick Disconnect allows users to install driver and passenger side separately, then connect together when complete making installation very efficient!

  • Minimizes light flashback with expertly designed gaskets. The adjustable side light-blocking shields have been designed specifically to block out flashback light.

  • No drilling required for mounting and looks like a part of the vehicle at 1.34" tall


Code 3 Visor Flip Light 

Code 3 XT4 Interior Light 

  • NOW AVAILABLE WITH MULTICOLOR! High Functioning, Low Cost Undercover Emergency Visor Light

  • Design Features

  • 26 Flash Patterns

  • Red or Blue LEDs

  • No Bulb Replacement Ever Required

  • Less Than 0.5 Amp per Module

  • Colored or Clear Outer Lenses

  • Black Polycarbonate Housing

  • 9 foot Lighter Plug with On/Off Switch

  • Mounts with Two Velcro® Strap

  • Retractable side guards and a visor prevent light from flashing into driver's eyes

  • Available in one and two color combinations

  • Clear Lens with Red, Blue, Amber or White LEDs

  • Black Bezel/Housing

  • Shock Resistant and Weather Protected for Interior and Exterior Use

  • Potted Circuit Board

  • XT401SS, XT402SS: 22 Flash Patterns (not synchronized with other XT and HAB products)

  • XT402, XT404: Attached mounting bracket comes standard

  • Retractable guards (with the push of a button) on either end of the unit provide an extra level of protection against reflected light flashing into driver´s eyes.

  • Visor (shroud) allows unit to fit snugly against windshield.

  • 12´ Lighter Plug Cable with Switch

  • Z Brackets with Suction Cups

Code 3 Super Visor Inter Lights 

Custom Fit, Windshield Mounted Interior Lighting System.  Based on proprietary design technology the TriCore Lighthead is the brightest LED in the market.  This world class interior light offers the most uniform fill and strong straight on and at any off angle light.


  • Thin design keeps you undercover--remains unseen until energized

  • Special housing prevents the lights from reflecting back into the driver´s eyes

  • Vehicle specific designs provide a custom fit

  • Easy to install, no drilling required to mount the units

Code 3 XT4 Series Exterior Lights 

  • Single XT4 head now available in MultiColor. Flash one solid color and then another solid color instead of having either a single color or split colors. See new model numbers under Models tab.

  • Multicolor capability provides two full signals out of one lighthead - No more compromising signal strength and size by splitting a LED lighthead to get two colors*

  • Greater signal strength from multicolor allows for increased safety for alerting oncoming motorists*

Mega Thin LED Light 

  • The Mega Thin LED is a bright and versatile ultra-thin lightheadfeaturing multiple flash patterns and synchronization capabilities (max 8 light heads).

  • Ultra Low-Profile Makes Them Perfect for Mounting Virtually Anywhere on a Vehicle

  • Curved End Optics for Better Off-Angle Performance

  • The Mega Thin LED is Available in Solid and Split Colors (6 LEDs) as well as a 12 LED MultiColor

  • Wiring is Very Similar to the MR6 and Chase Lights Making Installation Very Simple

  • 6 LED Single and Split Color Feature 29 Flash Patterns

  • 12 LED MultiColor Featuring 62 Flash Patterns

  • Amber, Blue, White, Green and Red LEDs Available in Solid, Split and MultiColor (Blue/Amber, Amber/White, Amber/Green, Red/Amber, Blue/White, Red/Blue, Red/White) Configurations

  • Electronics are Fully Encapsulated to Meet IP67 Standards

  • Black Die Cast Base/Polycarbonate Lens

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