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Gun Cleaning and maintenance Seminar 

Leon Castillo January 2015


On the 15th of January, the Outdoorsman Lounge held its first gun seminar in the city of Belmopan. The topic of the seminar was gun cleaning and maintenance. lead by NRA Trainer  Mr Max Hetherington , Max spoke on the importance of a clean weapon and showed us tips on keeping it clean. The winner of the raffle for the gun seminar was Mr Charles Leslie 


Tip: Clean your weapon on a regular bases, this ensures that your weapon is working in good condition and will not fail you. 

Gun Safety and Handling 

Leon Castillo  February 2015


Our second seminar started off great with a full house, our topic for the day was gun safety and handling. Max showed us some great on techinques for handling loaded weapsons on and off the range,after the class was completed we took the seminar to the range, were our guests had the chance to put what they had learn into practice.


Tip: always consider a weapon loaded and never aim or muzzle at anything that you don’t want to destroy.   

Hoppe's Gun Cleaning Seminar  
Leon Castillo  October 2015


October was our back to basic month and was on the all round favorite topic is Firearm cleaning. our instructor  displayed how the Hoppe's products are the best for gun care . 

Firearm Handling And Defensive Class 
Leon Castillo  June  2017


This is one of our best seminars yet! Our instructor, Glenn Caliz, did an amazing job at engaging with all the attendees both in class and on range. We hope that everyone enjoyed this seminar, and we are thankful to all who joined. 

Tip: Holsters are the best way to ensure that your firearm is safe while on you, it also helps with preventing sweat and dirt from getting into the firearm.